Cornerstone has been selected as a recipient of the Calgary Herald Christmas Fund for 2016!
Good jobs are disappearing, bills are high and many of our friends and neighbours are suffering. The economic dark cloud that hangs over Calgary is real: there’s double-digit unemployment, a growing number of defaulted debts, business closures and a general uncertainty that 2017 will bring any relief. Add to this the ever-existing layer of poverty, abuse and mental health issues that plagues every major city on the planet, and it is easy to come to the conclusion that the need has never been greater. Calgarians, however, have always proven to be tougher than any tough time. So, it is in that spirit that we call on you once again help make a difference in your community. Today, we launch the 26th year of our Calgary Herald Christmas Fund. Over the past 25 years, you have helped raise more than $24 million for city agencies that form the front line against poverty, addiction, mental illness and abuse.
Cooking Classes at Cornerstone!
Given the success of last weeks Pizza class, Fikerte has started a weekly Culinary Class with our Youth. This week - Gnochi from scratch!
Cornerstone's New Kitchen!
Special Thanks to Doug and Karen McNeill, and all other volunteers that helped make this renovation happen!
We certainly have some incredible Donors
Our signs are up, honoring some key Donors who made our more recent renovations possible. Thank you!